hello kitty costume

hello kitty costume

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The custom has shirt, skirt, gloves and shoes, necklace

hello kitty


Hello Kitty is a Japanese character of a cat made in 1976 by a Japanese design company named Sanrio. Her real name is Kitty White. The character has a large head with, usually, a red bow between her ears and she has no mouth. Sanrio said that she was not given a mouth because she communicate by using the heart instead of speaking one particular language. Hello Kitty is known all over the world.

Hello Kitty became very popular with young school-girls during the 1980s. Because a Japanese singer, Kahara Tomomi, who was very popular among young school-girls said openly that she loved Hello Kitty on the TV. In the 1990s the film made more products with the picture of the cat which would appeal to teenagers and young women. During the later part of the first decade of the 21st century, Hello Kitty began targeting boys and young men with Hello Kitty for Boys. The character uses darker colours and a dark bow when it is targeted to males